How can I change my virtual location (VPN server location)?




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    Pouria Naseri

    Same deal here but the first time I had it up and running it showed other countries.

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    This is the reply, below, I got when I questioned why I only had Swiss and US options.

    “Thanks for your attention.

    Unfortunately, Betterspot company is unable to pay the expenses of all servers. Right now we have financial hardship in our company and hope you understand this situation.

    All we want here is to keep our service at the maximum standard level. In case of finding the solution, the whole missing servers will be back.

    Hope we can make the best of it.

    Kind Regards,
    Hanna Hopkins
    Betterspot Team”

    Feel a little silly for backing this one.

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    Cem Keles

    Nothing is working! We paid for it!

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    steven lee

    I only have US and Switzerland

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    Ryan Tham


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    Same as me, US Swiss options only.

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