Connecting Betterspot to internet source via LAN cable (Recommended!)




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    Hi there


    in this article how to connect betterspot by cable - they say plug goes to "in" port on betterspot, however in the other article they say plug into "out" port of betterspot unit. Both articles by Hanna hopkins. ???? So which is correct??? Thank you

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    Claudio Torreblanca

    I’m a little bit disappointed to see too few options for configuration this gadget has…. The main reason to buy it was to use it at work, but since the work network doesn’t have DHCP, the BetterSpot it’s useless because there is no way to input manual IP. So, I'll have $200 in my desk drawer until the Betterspor team decides to add this option...

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    Brad Miller

    Connected to the U.S. servers and access Netflix. Same old error message. Looks like they are now blocked. Looking to get my money back.

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    Bassem IDRISS

    Since The Update To Firmware v1.3 I Can Not Anymore Connect To VPN ,

    It Work Only In Direct Mode : Color ( Led White ) .

    When Try To Connect In VPN Mode  It Stay For Hours In Searching And Color Stay

    ( Led Red ) .

    Tried To Restart Several Time , But Nothing Changes ....

    What Is The Problem ???

    The Same Issue Is With My Two Betterspot Routers :

    1st : Betterspot 90 .

    2nd : Betterspot 96 .


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    I have not been able to make a connection, It tells me im not connected to Betterspot but on my iPhone I am, this is useless, also how do you directly connect to lan, I have a Comcast cable router and thats connected to my Apple wifi, if I disconnect my Apple wifi and connect that to Betterspot then I don't get anything Im completely stump on how this is suppose to protect my identity.

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