How to recover my Betterspot?




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    Followed the steps, when I get to Step E. It does not work. It would say I’m not connected to the internet. I’m using a MacBook Pro.

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    Followed the steps until step e on Mac and couldn’t keep on after, after switching to windows it worked, however, v1.3 performance is worse and slower

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    Step e didn't work at all!!!

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    Windows 10 Pro step e didn;t work at all.  What next?

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    Hanna Hopkins

    We checked the steps and followed them again but everything is fine. No matter which Windows operation system (XP, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10) you are working with, all the steps are the same.

    What do you mean exactly? 

    1 - The page ( is not loaded,

    2 - You can not upload the file, or

    3 - After pressing recovery button, nothing works.

    You can contact our support team ( and explain the details. Then, we can follow the steps together. 

    Note: Just make sure that you set the static IP for your PC correctly (IP address = and subnet mask = Then open a browser and type


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    Well, I also had issues loading the page at I clicked on refresh a lot:).. and after many clicks it loaded the page. like starting an old car :)

    My problem is that after each firmware update, the box crashes and I need to recover it with the above procedure.


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    Can't connect betterspot no matter what I do after power outage, betterspot shows red on Mac it says it's connected, on my iPad no

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